West Manchester Township Fire Department set to Begin New Recruitment Campaign

The West Manchester Township Fire Department has launched a new recruitment campaign and is seeking volunteers to assist in a variety of roles at either of the fire stations in its jurisdiction.

A new recruitment website, WestManchesterFirefighter.org unites the two fire companies, Shiloh Fire Company and Lincolnway Fire Company. The slogan, “West Manchester Pride. West Manchester Purpose. Is It in You?” will be utilized throughout the course of the campaign.

The extensive recruitment program will include an increased social media presence, targeted residential mailings, ad plan development, personalized videos, a college live-in program, and more.

The West Manchester Township Fire Department’s recruitment campaign will run for four years at no cost to taxpayers. The program is entirely funded through the Staffing for Adequate Fire & Emergency Response (SAFER) grant by way of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

“The recruitment campaign gives a preview of what it’s like to volunteer for the West Manchester Township Fire Department,” says Chief Clifton Laughman. “We are excited to welcome in the new recruits and to show them how incredible volunteering can truly be.”

Ways to Volunteer

The West Manchester Township Fire Department is actively recruiting committed volunteers that want to help make a difference in their neighbor’s lives. Various roles are available, including:

  • Firefighter – For men and women over the age of 18, learn how to respond to emergencies, help save lives, and protect property.
  • Fire Police – Ensure the safety of and assist firefighters at the scene of emergencies. These volunteers perform tasks such as directing traffic and providing crowd control to help make the firefighters’ jobs a bit easier.
  • Junior Firefighter – For those ages 14 through 17 that still wish to participate, options are still available. Junior volunteer firefighters play a crucial role in the event of an emergency and learn the necessary skills to become an active firefighter at age 18.
  • Administrative Member – For those who would rather not answer fire calls, but still wish to contribute to their community. Help out by assisting with vehicle maintenance, fundraising, volunteering at community events, teaching children about fire safety, and more!

Along with free equipment and training, members will also come to find themselves to be a part of whole new family.

“We’re like one big family,” said Chief Laughman. “We treat all of our new members and old members alike – with the respect and kind-heartedness that inspires them to save lives.”

Exciting Opportunity via the Live-in Program

In addition to the campaign, the West Manchester Township Fire Department is thrilled to announce that active firefighters are eligible to live for free at the station via the live-in program. This program provides volunteers with a place to stay as well as amenities. The living quarters at the station include four dormitories for men and women, full kitchens, free laundry, and free fitness centers.

In between calls, members can enjoy the pool tables, TV and gaming setup, WIFI, Netflix, and XFINITY On Demand, all provided by the West Manchester Township Fire Department.

In order to be eligible for the program, one must be 18 years or older, work a minimum of 20 hours per week or be a full-time student. Live-ins are expected to respond to fire calls and attend meetings, public education events, and fundraisers.

“The live-in program is ideal for students looking for affordable housing that wish to make a difference in volunteering while being educated,” said Chief Laughman. “It truly is a great opportunity to learn valuable skills while having your cost of living paid for.”

Student volunteers staying at the station would be within reasonable traveling distance of Penn State’s York campus, York College of PA, Harrisburg Area Community College’s Harrisburg and York locations, as well as several other post-secondary education institutions.

To learn more about The West Manchester Township Fire Department or to fill out an inquiry form, visit WestManchesterFirefighter.org.