Volunteer FAQs

Do I need to have prior experience or training to become a volunteer firefighter?

No experience is necessary to join West Manchester Fire Department. To become a  volunteer firefighter, we provide you with training during weekly drill nights, plus classes off-site. All training and gear are provided at no cost to you!

Will I get paid?

Volunteers do not receive financial compensation, but there are many other benefits of joining including mastering new skills and the satisfaction of serving the community. In addition, members of West Manchester Fire Department are eligible for free life insurance, free retirement benefits and fuel reimbursements. 

How much time do I have to donate as a volunteer?

This is entirely up to you! Our volunteers work, attend school and take care of their families, so we understand that they cannot answer every call and appreciate the time they can donate to the fire department.

What is the live-in program?

The live-in program is an exciting opportunity for  college students or young adults to live in one of our comfortable dormitories for free. These volunteers must be available to go on fire calls in exchange for this unique opportunity

How do I sign up? 

To learn more, fill out an inquiry form on the Volunteer/Contact Us page. Your information will be sent to our Chief who will contact you shortly and invite you for a tour and a ride-along opportunity in one of our fire trucks.

"There is no other profession in the world that provides rewards and satisfaction of helping your neighbors and community."
-Doug Eash