Why Volunteer

  • We are the busiest and most active department in the county with a wide range of fire and rescue calls. If you are looking for action and experience, you will get it here!  
  • Our department provides comprehensive training both here and off-site, ensuring you are prepared and confident when the calls come in.  
  • All training and gear are FREE!
  • Our Department also provides:
    • Free life insurance
    • Free retirement benefits
    • Free fuel reimbursements
    • Incentive program for responding to calls.
  • When the work is done, we know how to have fun at group sporting events, social dinners, trips to Knoebels and more! picnics, banquets and social events.
  • You will make friendships that will last a life-time!

"If you are good with people and love to help others, you can make a big difference as a volunteer."
-Lisa Gentzler